Homegroups are the heart of St Mary's.  They are the place to meet other people, make strong friendships and the way to get plugged into church.  Attending one of these midweek grouops makes it possible to deepen relationships with each other and God in a way that only attending Sunday meetings can't do.


We believe that our journey with Jesus is best lived out in the context of spending time in relationship with other people who are on the same journey.  The Bible talks a lot about doing life "with each other", and in our fast-paced culture we think that taking some time to grow in our relationships and in our faith is vital.  Our homegroups provide a space to learn, grow, serve, laugh, celebrate, mourn, share food and pray for each other.


Details of groups, where and when and they meet are below.  We encourage people to visit different homegroups and see where they feel most at home:



WEDNESDAY EVENING at 7.30pm: At 16 Gore Lane, Rayne, CM77 6TU. Led by Paul & Kate Green.    


THURSDAY EVENING at 8pm: At Three Greens, High Street, Stebbing, CM6 3SH.  Led by Angie Gardner and Sue Shay.  


THURSDAY EVENING at 8pm:  (usually) at 4, Marshall’s Piece.  Guided by Edward Conder.